Rangoon Rifflets: Dialing Tips

We know, realistically, that at some point in history, this information was new and baffling to people. But… man. Wow.

We’ve joined Geekvision.tv! And we’ve crossed over with DA Scott!

We’re proud to announce that the Isle of Rangono has joined the geekvision.tv family!
Not only that, but we’re leading off with a bang! Who better to help Sunny Jim and Starch tackle this piece of musical marketing madness than the marketable musical madman D.A. Scott Jr., he of the literal music videos on FunnyOrDie? NO ONE, THAT’S WHO.

Rangoon Rifflets: Mood of San Francisco

This little ditty is the next best thing to actually visiting San Francisco!…if you were somehow able to time-travel about 50 years into the past. And if you could do that, why would you just meander around San Francisco? With that kind of power, think of all you could accomplish? Why are you so small-minded? You disgust us.

… oh yeah, enjoy this Rifflet.

Top 10 Isle of Rangoon Moments, 2012-2015

We’re (almost) three years old! In addition to explaining our humor and general level of discourse, this means we’re legally obligated to do a top ten list, on pain of imprisonment and steep fines!

Rangoon Riffs: Meeting the Public

Do you work with the public? Do you find it stressful when people yell, demand, and overall be jerks at you? Well, did you know that it’s all YOUR fault? Now that you know it’s solely YOU that causes people to be nasty, don’t you feel better?

No? Hmm. Well, that’s the theme of this short film from Encyclopedia Britannica, so uh… sorry.