Rangoon Rifflets: Colonel Bleep: The Terrible Termite

Colonel Bleep is back and he’s making his own problems as a massive termite shows up on Zero-Zero Island. A pair of sarcastic weirdos mock him for it. It’s fun!

Sneak Peak from the Transformers: Combiner Wars Finale!

Minor Spoilers.

UTT: Do NOT see ‘Don’t Breathe’

While we continue to work the kinks out of Greg’s computer situation, enjoy listening as Trent explains why ‘Dont’ Breathe’ ruined a genre of movie for him. Heads up, there’s a lot more cursing than usual this time around..

Starch Reviews Deadly Games: s01e02: One Mean Mother

Starch wasn’t kidding when he said he’d take on the baffling 1995 UPN science fiction series Deadly Games, here comes episode 2, with the mom from the Partridge Family, a cruise ship, a pound of c4 and a Freakazoid-reference-turned-guest-star. Oh, and there’s Jackal, so much Jackal.

Starch Reviews Deadly Games: s01e01: Killshot

Starch has something very important he wants you all to know about, and that is the baffling 1995 UPN science fiction series Deadly Games, starring Christopher Lloyd and James Calvert. Get ready for celebrity guest villains, scenery chewing, and video games as imagined by people who had only heard of them third-hand.