State of the Isle – The Blip Shutdown

Hey everybody.

As you may have heard, blip is shutting down at the end of the month. Don’t worry, we’re already working on getting alternative hosting set up. For most of our work, this is going to be through our new Youtube Channel, theIsleofRangoon (click to go there and subscribe). We have already uploaded about half our total catalog, with more to come as we update the riff videos.

Some of our stuff will have to be hosted elsewhere, however. Don’t worry, though, you can always find our videos right here.

Thanks for watching, and please like, comment and subscribe. :)

Rangoon Rifflets: The Treacherous Pirate

It’s time shenanigans as the evil Black Patch uses a time machine to kidnap Scratch’s mom! Yes, it’s a bigger waste of a time machine than Terminator Genisys!

Rangoon Rifflets: Riff-fast of Champions

Ah, cereal. Part of a complete breakfast… in the same sense that a cup holder is part of a complete car.

Our last upload to Blip is a cavalcade of commercials for a defunct breakfast cereal, plus an unexpected treat! Riff us out, Jim and Starch!

Under the Table: Terminator Genisys

One of us watched this movie, the other didn’t. We’re both annoyed.

Rangoon Rifflets: War in Robotland

Planets full of robots are basically never not involved in a war. Go ahead, name one that isn’t. You can’t, can you?

Colonel Bleep, rubber-faced guardian of all of space apparently, has to stop an army of robo space tanks! It’s 50′s-tastic!