Rangoon Rifflets: War in Robotland

Planets full of robots are basically never not involved in a war. Go ahead, name one that isn’t. You can’t, can you?

Colonel Bleep, rubber-faced guardian of all of space apparently, has to stop an army of robo space tanks! It’s 50′s-tastic!

Rangoon Riffs: What Makes A Good Party?

Coronet is gonna teach us how to party.

CORONET. Is going to teach us. How to party.

Oh yeah. THIS oughtta be good for a laugh.

Rangoon Rifflets: The Hypnotic Helmets (Col. Bleep)

It’s Colonel Bleep, a cartoon featuring a unicycle-riding alien, a living cowboy puppet and a caveman fighting evil across the universe. Limited 1950′s animation, over-excited narrators, and good old-fashioned 1950′s kids-TV tomfoolery.

In this episode, Bleep’s trusted deputies get hyp-mo-tized by an evil robot! Oh noooo!

Revel in the wackiness, folks. We are.

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: Anonymous

No one tells Cthulhu anything, including their identities, which leaves the elder god to opine about the zombie apocalypse, old school rap and the use of souls as currency.

Rangoon Rifflets: Supergirl

On the one hand, a bright, cheerful counterpoint to the dull gray turd that was “Man of Steel” is more than welcome.

On the other… some of the lines in this make us wanna hop in the shower with a Brillo pad.

Faster than a pilot episode, more powerful to one’s opinion than actually watching the show, able to leap to preposterous justifications in a single line… it’s SUPERGIRL!