Rangoon Riffs: Habit Patterns

We’re back with a short film that’s the social-conformity equivalent of those old Mr. Bill shorts, with a hapless blonde being endlessly tormented by a mean-spirited yet sickeningly chipper narrator.

Rangoon Rifflets: The Killer Whale

Squeak and Scratch are off on a decidedly less madcap adventure this time, out to stop the frog-folk of Aqualand from becoming dinner! (aka: disrupting the delicate balance of nature.)

Here There Be Dragons: The Dark Crystal

We had the pleasure and privilege to be part of Nash’s review of The Dark Crystal, which you can go and see on Channel Awesome! And really, if you’re not regularly watching Nash’s stuff, you should remedy that.

Start with this video, of course.

And for those of you new to us who came here from Nash’s video, pull up your snack of choice and enjoy our inanity!

Isle of Rangoon trailer!

Our YouTube channel trailer. Enjoy these cliplets!

Rangoon Rifflets: Dangerous Holiday

There’s hijinx and shenanigans aplenty as Squeak and Scratch visit Col. Bleep’s homeworld, where the alien leaves them completely unsupervised! That’s always a good idea! Can an entire planet be completely unobservant? Find out!

(We’re legitimately sad about the loss of so many episodes. We wanna see the entire series. These cartoon are just so damn FUN. Goofy as all get-out, but fun.)