Starch Reviews Deadly Games: s01e01: Killshot

Starch has something very important he wants you all to know about, and that is the baffling 1995 UPN science fiction series Deadly Games, starring Christopher Lloyd and James Calvert. Get ready for celebrity guest villains, scenery chewing, and video games as imagined by people who had only heard of them third-hand.

Under the Table: Ghostbusters 2016 Review and Thoughts

Trent and Greg have thoughts about Ghostbusters 2016, Ghostbusters in general, and the nature of franchise.

Rangoon Riffs: Down the Gasoline Trail

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a drop of gasoline? If so, Trent the human wants the name of your hookup. If not, watch this short and learn why you were you were right all along!

One Odd Product You Won’t Believe You’ll Need!

Having trouble communicating?

Rangoon Rifflets: Censorship: A Question of Judgment?

Let’s go back to a time when “censorship” DIDN’T mean “a game maker voluntarily removes point-four seconds of a butt-shot of a female character” or “you won’t let me spew whatever hateful brain-diarrhea I want all over your privately-owned web forum”.