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Here There Be Dragons: The Dark Crystal

We had the pleasure and privilege to be part of Nash’s review of The Dark Crystal, which you can go and see on Channel Awesome! And really, if you’re not regularly watching Nash’s stuff, you should remedy that.

Start with this video, of course.

And for those of you new to us who came here from Nash’s video, pull up your snack of choice and enjoy our inanity!

The Meanwhile of Rangoon (May/June 2014)

Hey folks! Just thought we’d post some updates and previews and news as to what’s going on with the Isle over the next couple months!
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UTT: Muppets Most Wanted

In this episode of Under the Table Trent and Greg share their thoughts on Muppets Most Wanted, the trailers that came beforehand and Kermit’s stitching.

We’ll miss you, Justin Carmical.

We’re stunned and saddened at the loss of honestly one of the nicest people we’ve had the chance to spend time with in this field, and that’s saying a LOT given how amazingly nice folks have been overall. “JewWario” was an inspiration, and just a joy to watch.

The time we spent with him at MAGFest, he radiated energy and fun, even at the ass-end of the night after a long long day. He had a smile for everyone, and made us laugh.

You’re missed. You always will be.

UTT: Trent & Travis try Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy

Well in advance of Halloween join Trent and Travis as they try out the recently-risen-from-the-grave General Mills treats Yummy Mummy & Frute Brute.

Contains your daily recommended dose of cereal-related nostalgic digressions.