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Colossal thanks to Radio Dead Air!

As fans of Radio Dead Air, it was a huge thrill to be featured on the show. For eveyone coming to us new because of that, thanks, and we hope our nonsense entertains.

For those of you who aren’t watching Radio Dead Air on Mondays, WHY NOT?!

Master puppet-guy Gerry Anderson, RIP.

Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, and many other puppet-based TV shows, including our recently-beloved Torchy the Battery Boy, has died at age 83.

Congrats to Diamanda Hagan & The Omega Geek!

We just want to give our best to Diamanda Hagan and The Omega Geek, who done went and got married in Washington DC. Congrats you two, and here’s to many more years of you scaring the crap out of us, together.

How the CW’s Beauty and the Beast Happened.

How Beauty and the Beast Happened by TheIsleofRangoon

Ever wonder how terrible things happen? We don’t, because we know, and we’re here to share those terrible secrets with you.

Here we examine how a late 80s drama with bad lighting about the forbidden love between a cop and a furry became a CW vehicle featuring the forbidden love between two very pretty people, one of which has a scar.

The other one might be a cleverly painted plank of wood. The jury’s still out on that one.

Rangoons at MAGFest!

Sunny Jim has his confirmation… he and his roommate will be at MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland, January 3rd through the 6th. Want to meet a real life Rangoon? Now’s your chance!

No, not guests. What are you, crazy? Just attendees.

See you there!