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Ask Old Man Cthulhu: Anonymous

No one tells Cthulhu anything, including their identities, which leaves the elder god to opine about the zombie apocalypse, old school rap and the use of souls as currency.

Old Man Cthulhu: Elder God Drama

The Great Old One is back with rambling advice for all those who will ask for it. Learn all about bubbles, the drama of the elder gods, social justice and more!

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: The Case of the Crime Fighting Mustache

Everyone’s favorite elder god is back to answer your questions about love, the dreams of electric sheep and the crime-fighting effectiveness of mustaches. Join the tentacled curmudgeon for wit and wisdom from beyond space and time.

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: The Green Party

Old Man Cthulhu is back and he’s got big questions to answer about his past, the nature of existence, human health and Godzilla’s presidential prospects.

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Get Spooky with Old Man Cthulhu!

In honor of October and the impending Halloween, settle down for a playlist of Old Man Cthulhu’s answers to your questions.