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Rangoon Rifflets: Building an Island Base

Now that Colonel Bleep’s got Zero Zero Island under his domain, time to build his base! So this is where we get to see all the cool future-stuff Bleep will use, right?

Rangoon Rifflets: The Ingenious Invention

Colonel Bleep sits in mocking judgement of his cadets as they try to do something cool. And one heck of a surprise twist!

Rangoon Riffs: A Case For Beer

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, here’s some teeners tryin’ to get drunky.

Sunny Jim and Starchibald stagger through this Seventiestastic bit of training video on keeping beer out of underage kids’ greasy mitts. Good idea? Yes! Cheesy execution? Oh yeah.

Rangoon Riffs: Habit Patterns

We’re back with a short film that’s the social-conformity equivalent of those old Mr. Bill shorts, with a hapless blonde being endlessly tormented by a mean-spirited yet sickeningly chipper narrator.

Rangoon Rifflets: The Killer Whale

Squeak and Scratch are off on a decidedly less madcap adventure this time, out to stop the frog-folk of Aqualand from becoming dinner! (aka: disrupting the delicate balance of nature.)