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UTT: Do NOT see ‘Don’t Breathe’

While we continue to work the kinks out of Greg’s computer situation, enjoy listening as Trent explains why ‘Dont’ Breathe’ ruined a genre of movie for him. Heads up, there’s a lot more cursing than usual this time around..

Under the Table: Terminator Genisys

One of us watched this movie, the other didn’t. We’re both annoyed.

UTT: Christmas is Here Again! Commentary.

We review our review of Christmas is Here Again, learn what dark secrets were cut from the final review, get our REAL opinions on the movie and more!

“The Muppet Movie” Outtakes!

Jim finds a magic word, lines are flubbed repeatedly, and guest stars go berserk as we invite you to join us in reviewing the funniest outtakes from the Muppet Wish Day 2014 video!

Featuring Sunny Jim, Starchibald, Blockbuster Chick, Dubious Khan, DJ Soundbite, Randy Feltface, Ash the Cat, Nash Bozard and excessive amounts of Obscurus Lupa and Phelous!

“What to Do In a Gas Attack” Outtakes!

SEE! Diamanda Hagan make the script better repeatedly!
LEARN! The very important differences between types of puddings!
BEAR WITNESS! To the durability of VHS cassettes!
VISUALIZE! The Omega’s brilliant acting with her face!
ENJOY! These outtakes and alternate lines from our riff crossover!