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Video – Rangoon Reviews: Transformers Ep 64: B.O.T.

Rangoon Reviews: Transformers Ep 64: B.O.T. by TheIsleofRangoon

Join Starchibald, Sunny Jim and guest stars Vangelus (of fame) and Derrick Wyatt (character designer for Transformers: Animated, Teen Titans: Go! and much more) as they take a break from Botcon to review a cherished Transformers episode from Derrick’s childhood. Lets hope his childhood memories survive.

Special Guest Appearances by Dan Gilvezan (voice of G1 Bumblebee) and David Willis (creator of Shortpacked! and It’s Walky!)

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Video – Ask Old Man Cthulhu: How to Stuff a Turkey and Other Horrors!

Old Man Cthulhu answers your questions! Watch as a horrible creature from the dawn of time dredges up the most frequently asked questions to settle things once and for all! Want to know the secret of Dark Matter? Need Thanksgiving to be extra special? Out to protect your ideas? Cthulhu has your back.

You can leave your own questions for Old Man Cthulhu as comments, or send them to

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Video – Under the Table: Convention Stories Part 2: Botcon Vs the Wu-Tang Clan

Warning: Some Strong Language

Continuing from part 1, Trent Troop and Greg Sepelak share their thoughts on cons in general and Greg tells the epic tale of what happened when the Wu-Tang Clan and Botcon met.

Video – Under the Table: Convention Stories Part 1: Slashart, Betrayal & the Existential Dread of Disney

Warning: Some Strong Language

While prepping for Botcon 2012, noted elocutionists Trent Troop and Greg Sepelak share some of their favorite convention stories in the first of this two-part series. Topics may include one or more of the following: Bruce Campbell, betrayal, Moontrap starring Walter Koenig, fangirl art commissions, terrible MLP cosplay, the wonderful existential dread of Disney and the Wu-Tang Clan.

Video – Under the Table: Sex, Lies and Ninja Turtles (OR: Michael Bay and the Turtles from Space)

Warning: Some Strong Language

Luminaries Trent Troop and Greg Sepelak take time out from puppet-based shenanigans to address the pressing topics of the day in “Under the Table” a behind-the-scenes vlog for the Isle of Rangoon. Today, we discuss Michael Bay’s Alien Ninja Turtles comments, what species Jeff Goldblum really belongs to, Snarf-Ra the Everliving and other mature, reasoned topics.