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Rangoon Riffs: Bicycle Clown

Rangoon Riffs: Bicycle Clown by TheIsleofRangoon

Do you enjoy bicycle safety? Do you enjoy shame? Then you’ll love Bicycle Clown! Watch Starchibald and Sunny Jim struggle to survive a 1950s romp through the bloodstained world of reckless bicycle stunts…. If said stunts were performed by your grandmother.

Remember: ride safely, keep your equipment in working order and name names!

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A big shoutout from (and back at) David Willis!

David Willis of It’s Walky, Shortpacked! and Dumbing of Age (among others) fame guest starred in our review of Transformers: B.O.T. and today gave us a shout-out on his blog. 

If you found the Isle through Walky, poke around our videos, old and new alike, and if you like what you see, subscribe on blip or like us on Facebook. If you aren’t familiar with his work, go check him out at the above links.

Video – Under the Table: Michael Bay and the Turtles from Space

Warning: Some Strong Language.

Under the Table is the Isle of Rangoon’s behind-the-scenes series hosted by luminaries Trent Troop and Greg Sepelak. Today, we discuss Michael Bay’s Alien Ninja Turtles comments, what species Jeff Goldblum really belongs to, Snarf-Ra the Everliving and other mature, reasoned Less

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