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Isle of Rangoon Live: Botcon 2012

Twin trolls Argle and Bargle set out from the internet to torment the good people of the MSTF panel at Botcon 2012, with Shortpacked! author David Willis trapped in the middle.

Get ready for Opinions! at the first ever live Isle of Rangoon performance!

Rangoon Reviews: Ratatoing

Rangoon Reviews: Ratatoing by TheIsleofRangoon

Starchibald and Sunny Jim sit down for their first review, the tale of a gourmet chef who happens to be a rat. No, not that one. The OTHER one. Can two Rangoons sit through this Brazilian Pixar knockoff and live to tell the tale?

Of course they can. Don’t be silly.

Rats, food-sensing goggles and the world’s worst CGI cat await you in… Ratatoing!

Opinion-Ville: Trudeau on Pong

Trudeau has gotten into his groove over at Opinion-Ville.

Opinion-Ville: Oral Morals w’ Trudeau the Rangoon

We find out that Trudeau is a vegetarian and isn’t much for conflict, until you hit his sore-spot.