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Rangoon Riffs: Torchy the Battery Boy Ep 1

What’s this? have Sunny Jim and Starchibald met their match? Have they come across an insidious force that riffing cannot expunge? What the hell IS a Bumblebdrop?

Find out as Starchibald and Sunny Jim face… Torchy the Battery Boy!

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: The Best Batman Villain

From the briny depths of a hellacious waking nightmare (aka Florida), Old Man Cthulhu returns yet again to slop his ancient and horrific wisdom all over the place. Hey, you asked. You’ve only got yourselves to blame for what transpires.

Also, there is Batman.

Rangoon Riffs: Ways to Settle Disputes

Rangoon Riffs: Ways of Settling Disputes by TheIsleofRangoon

According to top scienticians, approximately 46 million arguments flare up on the Internet every day-cycle. Perhaps if more people watched this short film from the 50’s, Ways to Settle Disputes, there’d be less online strife.

Or not. Doesn’t seem to do Starchibald and Sunny Jim any good. But join in for Rangoon riffing anyway!

Manners, Democracy & Explosions: The Isle of Rangoon has it all!

Email: Threat or Menace?

The Office of Civil Defense and the Isle of Rangoon Office of Corrections brings you a warning about the terrors that lurk in your inbox and how best to thwart them. Show this to your technologically challenged friends and relatives to save hours in computer repair time.*

* Results not typical, they will surely find some other way to wreck their systems.