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Rangoons at MAGFest!

Sunny Jim has his confirmation… he and his roommate will be at MAGFest in National Harbor, Maryland, January 3rd through the 6th. Want to meet a real life Rangoon? Now’s your chance!

No, not guests. What are you, crazy? Just attendees.

See you there!

The Nostalgia Critic is…

But in all seriousness… were it not for the Nostalgia Critic, we might not be doing this now. So thank you, Doug.

Email: Threat or Menace 2

The Office of Civil Defense and the Isle of Rangoon Department of Animal Control brings you yet another warning about how evil funsters are out to destroy your way of life through the email. They didn’t listen the first time, but you should still show this to your technologically challenged friends and relatives to save hours in computer repair time.*

* Keep pushing that rock up the hill, kids! It is bound to stay there sometime.

Torchy the Battery Boy Commentary!

Under The Table: Torchy the Battery Boy Commentary by TheIsleofRangoon

A commentary on top of a riff? It’s like a satire turducken! Join Trent and Greg as they discuss the harrowing creation that is Torchy the Battery Boy!

With bonus effects and blooper footage!