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Master puppet-guy Gerry Anderson, RIP.

Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, and many other puppet-based TV shows, including our recently-beloved Torchy the Battery Boy, has died at age 83.

Rangoon Reviews: Elf Bowling!

Starchibald and Sunny Jim face off against the animated film that has everything: Union negotiations, pirates, living tiki statues, catfights, bowling, strip pinochle, torture and strudel!

Wait… isn’t this supposed to be a Christmas movie? Maybe if it was written by aliens whose only knowledge of humanity came from reddit.

Put on your special shoes and make peace with the deity of your choice, it’s ELF BOWLING!

Rangoon Riffs: Christmas Comes But Once a Year!

Rangoon Riffs: Christmas Comes But Once a Year! by TheIsleofRangoon

Crying orphans. Abject poverty. Cackling destructive madmen. MERRY CHRISTMAS!