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Zeus in “Deus Ex Magfest!”

Zeus wandered off on his own at Magfest 2013 and the results are about what you’d expect. Don’t worry folks, he deserved every second of it.

Featuring a ton of guest stars!

Rangoon Riffs: Consuming Women

Rangoon Riffs: Consuming Women by TheIsleofRangoon

What can you say about a woman? Starchibald and Sunny Jim find out the answer is “everything and yet nothing at all” as their fiendish nemesis sends them yet another bizarre short! Brace for vague impact and stand by for confusion as the Rangoons face off against Consuming Women (Women as Consumers)!

Your guess is as good as ours, folks.

Rangoon Reports: OanCitizen!

Sunny Jim managed to corner the wily and wise Kyle “OanCitizen” Kallgren, host of “Brows Held High“, at MAGFEst 2013. What brilliant insights lie within? Let’s find out!