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The Nickelback Conspiracy: Starring Schnapps!

Broadcasting from an undisclosed location, Schnapps brings you the terrifying truth behind the band Nickelback. Stay tuned for the truth behind the shroud of lies that surrounds one of pop culture’s most notorious acts. This is…

The Nickelback Conspiracy!

Rangoon Riffs: The Safety Committee

Rangoon Riffs: The Safety Committee by TheIsleofRangoon

How safe are you? Do you have the safety of mind that comes from soul-crushing bureaucracy? If not, then you, and the Rangoons, are in for some serious schooling.

Join the Safety Committee… Or else!

PunkyVal’s “HUGFest” shines light on Jim / Linkara encounter!

We’ve remarked on this, but no-one had come forward with footage… but now PunkyVal’s MAGFest retrospective video “HUGFest” comes through! Among the many many wonderful hugs we see Sunny Jim and Linkara have some manly hug-time.

Take note of the music, too. Clever.

(Jim, we can’t take you anywhere.)