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A great shout-out on Opinion-Ville (Also, why aren’t you subscribed to them?)

Dgeypscun (Jason with a D) of Opinion-Ville (who worked with us in our fight against Lambchop Syndrome) gave us here at the Isle a wonderfully touching shout-out in today’s Opinion-Ville. Thank you Jason! So glad you’re back making videos!

If you love, like or even tolerate Isle of Rangoon, you should be subscribed to Jason’s youtube channel.

Rangoon Riffs: As the Wheels Turn!

Rangoon Riffs: As the Wheels Turn! by TheIsleofRangoon

What can picnic supplies tell us about cars? More than we care to know! Learn how a Chevrolet made before you were born is like a pile of plates and straws and how child endangerment is like automotive engineering.

All this and a hair-brained scheme from Sunny Jim!

Rangoon Rifflet: Man of Steel Trailer!

Rangoon Rifflets are tender, juicy, bite-sized morsels of film, smothered in our tangy, zesty riffing sauce served up hot and fresh! Listen in as Sunny Jim and Starch give the latest in a long line of Superman reboot trailers a run for its money.

Personally, we don’t know how we’re supposed to root for the Man of Steel if he isn’t a deadbeat dad.

Our first fan-art!

Our first fan-art!

We got our first (confirmed) piece of fan art from SuikaCha on Tumblr!

Human versions of Sunny Jim and Starch! We are touched and impressed!

Rangoon Reviews: Clash of the Titans (1981)!

Starchibald and Sunny Jim take on Clash of the Titans despite Zeus’s objections! Will the classic 1981 fantasy adventure stand up after all these years? Magical weapons, stop-motion monsters and a special guest star await in… Clash of the Titans!