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Rangoon Riffs: What’s it to You? – Guest starring Linkara!

Not a hoax! Not an imaginary story! This episode, someone DIES!

And by someone, we mean our patience.

It’s our 1-year anniversary, so let’s celebrate crossover style! Starchibald and Sunny Jim are joined by special guest victi- er, riffer LINKARA to take on the “lost short”, the one that got away from MST3K, the mylar propaganda piece “What’s It To You?”!

All this and a bunch of surprises in this special anniversary episode!

Starchibald on Opinion-Ville: The Final Showdown

Along with bunches of Dgeypscun’s pals, Starchibald got to have a chat with his cousin Trudeau in Opinion-Ville’s big storyline conclusion.

For those confused, the storyline started here, with Puppet Jason’s kidnapping.

Colossal thanks to Radio Dead Air!

As fans of Radio Dead Air, it was a huge thrill to be featured on the show. For eveyone coming to us new because of that, thanks, and we hope our nonsense entertains.

For those of you who aren’t watching Radio Dead Air on Mondays, WHY NOT?!

Rangoon Rifflet: Pacific Rim Trailer!

Geeks of all stripes are lining up. Disbelief is being suspended. And Hedorah has filed an anti-defamation suit with the ACLU… Pacific Rim is coming and we’ve got the monster and lizard-like-thing perspective on the trailer!

Rangoon Rifflet: Let’s Make a Sandwich!

Your gas company knows a lot about a lot of things. Mostly gas. So of course you can trust them to tell you how to make a sandwich… or can you?

Join Starch and Sunny Jim as the sinister claws of industry stretches the meaning of the words ‘sandwich’, ‘instruction’ and ‘short film’ to the breaking point in: Let’s Make a Sandwich!