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Rangoon Reviews: Rainbow Connection with DJ Soundbite!

Join DJ Soundbite, the Rangoons, and a host of guest stars as we examine Kermit the Frog’s Rainbow Connection and pay tribute to the life and work of Jim Henson.

With special guest appearances by: Christi “Diva” Esterle, Daniel Adkins, David A Scott JrDodger of Zion & Orac. the Hungry Reader, Jason Harding & the Opinionville Citizenry, Jessica “Ladyspaz” Kitrick, Levi Kein, Linkara, Obscurus Lupa, Scott Summerton, Shadowwing Tronix, StaleDogg & a surprise guest.

Cooking without Controllers: Fallout New Vegas Wasteland Omelet

Cooking without Controllers: Fallout New Vegas… by TheIsleofRangoon

Welcome to the first episode of Cooking Without Controllers, where the Player Chef risks life and limb to show you how to prepare your favorite recipes from video games in real life.

Today, the Player Chef shows you how to make a Wasteland Omelet from Fallout: New Vegas without the risk of laceration or radiation poisoning. Delight your friends with a taste of the post-atomic world or prepare breakfast for the special Vault Dweller in your life.

With special vocal appearance by Nash of Radio Dead Air!

Rangoon Rifflet: Robocop 2014 Trailer

Murdered, rebuilt, stripped of humanity, forced to perform at the whim of a mega-corporation… that’s what the original ‘Robocop’ story went through. Murphy got it pretty rough too

Join Sunny Jim and Starchibald as they give the trailer to Robocop’s 2014 remake the riffing it so richly deserves.