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CWC: How to make the Fallout: New Vegas Trail Mix

CWC: How to make the Fallout: New Vegas Trail Mix by TheIsleofRangoon

Welcome to Cooking Without Controllers, where the Player Chef risks life and limb to show you how to prepare your favorite recipes from video games in real life.

Learn how to make the Trail Mix from Fallout New Vegas, complete with instructions on how to dry your own fruit in a conventional oven!

Rangoon Rifflet: TMNT 2014

Hah! Thought we were gonna use that one shot for the thumbnail, didn’t ya? See, this is how we keep things fresh!

Blar blar Michael Bay yawp yawp CGI yackity schmackity what’s wrong with your faaaaaaace.

Rangoon Rifflet: The Cautious Twins

Even a good message can be told poorly. Try and tell an important message with ear-bleeding calliope “music”, clunky forced rhyming and animation that makes “Deputy Dawg” look like “Akira”, and you’ve got a disaster even before people get to the horrific world you’re setting up. There’s more creeps on the streets in this short than in “Hobo With A Shotgun”.

So just because “The Cautious Twins” has good advice at its core… really, what the hell, short?

Patreonize us?

Hey folks!

We’re looking to launch a Patreon campaign, to help get things solvent and hopefully help us increase our release schedule.

For those who might not know what Patreon is, it’s one of those newfangled ways to contribute to projects you enjoy, only this time it’s tied directly to the recipient’s output. It’s like an internet tip jar; you set up a per-thing amount and a monthly max total, and when the content provider puts out something, it’s automatically plunked down! You don’t pay if the provider doesn’t provide.

The big question is… what kind of rewards should we offer? Contributing via Patreon gets you stuff not accessible to others, so what sounds good to you? Exclusive rifflets? Puppet-building tutorials? Hand-burned DVD specials? Google/Skype hangouts? Seriously, we’re open to any suggestions and ideas.

Reblog with your ideas or kick us an ask. We could use the help.