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Rangoon Rifflet: British PSAs!

Rangoon Rifflet: British PSAs! by TheIsleofRangoon

Here’s why Monty Python was such a smash hit.

Join Starchibald and Sunny Jim as they witness a disembodied narrator alternate between educating and attempting to murder Sir Hamface Buffoonington, Esquire, in a series of post-war British PSAs.

Keep Calm and Mock Along!

The Meanwhile of Rangoon (May/June 2014)

Hey folks! Just thought we’d post some updates and previews and news as to what’s going on with the Isle over the next couple months!
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Rangoon Riffs: What to do in a Gas Attack: Feat Diamanda Hagan & The Omega!

Sunny Jim’s latest hair-brained scheme has landed the Rangoons face-to-face with Diamanda Hagan, and has landed them both face-to-mask with the Omega! Will bonding over a civil defense short lead to a stronger, more iron-fisted rule for the Isle or will Sunny Jim wind up a fashionable coat?

Learn the answers to these burning questions (as well as how to neutralize a chemical weapons attack using enema bottles) in… What to do in a Gas Attack!

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: The Green Party

Old Man Cthulhu is back and he’s got big questions to answer about his past, the nature of existence, human health and Godzilla’s presidential prospects.

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