Archive for June 29, 2014

UTT: Trent & Greg Try Random Snacks From Abroad

Post Botcon, Greg and Trent unwind with a series of confections from Botcon buddy Bill and the local Asian grocery store. New tastes, and smells, are discovered, strange unflavors found, and the secret of the enraged chicken comes to light.

The Rangoons Crossover with GPC for The Transformers: The Movie

We step in to help Scott, who is dead for various reasons, on his quest to return to the land of the living while simultaneously tackling the ’80s animated classic The Transformers: The Movie!

For a show that was literally a serialized toy commercial, the movie took the franchise to a new realm where all bets are off. This may yet save Scott’s hide, and even if not, you’ll learn fun new marketing terms and see robots dismember each other for fun and profit. Mostly profit.

So come join Starch, Jim, extra special guest DJ SoundBite and Scott as we transform this one in every way possible!

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: The Case of the Crime Fighting Mustache

Everyone’s favorite elder god is back to answer your questions about love, the dreams of electric sheep and the crime-fighting effectiveness of mustaches. Join the tentacled curmudgeon for wit and wisdom from beyond space and time.

The Rangoons Cameo on Guilty Pleasures Cinema

In a prelude to a full upcoming crossover, we cameo on this week’s Guilty Pleasures Cinema episode: Jonah Hex.