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Rangoon Rifflets: Vision in the Forest

Rangoon Rifflets: Vision in the Forest by TheIsleofRangoon

Join RCA spokesvoice Vaughn Monroe and his family in the deep woods, which are littered with Smokey the Bear signage, through which the paranormal phenomenon of Smokey can manifest! Also, there’s a pretty good -if inexplicable- short performance of “Ghost Riders In the Sky”.

Mash out those cigarettes and join Starchibald and Sunny Jim for some musical meandering!

Rangoon Rifflets: Holiday Commercial Loaf

Yeah, sorry, we know the holiday advertisement assault actually begins around mid-August.

Enjoy a four-pack of holiday-ish commercials of bygone times, lovingly stuffed full of zesty riffs. For the loved one in your life.

Rangoon Rifflets: Out of the Frying Pan Into the Firing Line

Rangoon Rifflets: Out of the Frying Pan Into… by TheIsleofRangoon

Oh boy, another World War II era short fi- wait. WALT DISNEY? Seriously?

Yup! Sunny Jim and Starchibald join Pluto and Minnie Mouse in a lesson in saving your nasty leftover cooking greases to grease the wheels of the American military!

Rangoon Riffs: Speech: The Function of Gestures

No, your speech didn’t fail because your subject matter was a dull plod with no salient point whatsoever. It was because you weren’t using those fleshy tubes attached to the upper part of your core! Whaddaya call those… arms! That’s right, arms! Yeah, swing those around and people will swallow every piece of drivel you blurp out!

Sunny Jim and Starch bear witness to another short film from the Speech series, which brought us the beloved Lip And Tongue Action, and who could forget The Knee Test?

Other things happen too. You’ll see.