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Rangoon Riffs: What Makes A Good Party?

Coronet is gonna teach us how to party.

CORONET. Is going to teach us. How to party.

Oh yeah. THIS oughtta be good for a laugh.

Rangoon Rifflets: The Hypnotic Helmets (Col. Bleep)

It’s Colonel Bleep, a cartoon featuring a unicycle-riding alien, a living cowboy puppet and a caveman fighting evil across the universe. Limited 1950′s animation, over-excited narrators, and good old-fashioned 1950′s kids-TV tomfoolery.

In this episode, Bleep’s trusted deputies get hyp-mo-tized by an evil robot! Oh noooo!

Revel in the wackiness, folks. We are.

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: Anonymous

No one tells Cthulhu anything, including their identities, which leaves the elder god to opine about the zombie apocalypse, old school rap and the use of souls as currency.