Rangoon Rifflet: Let’s Make a Sandwich!

Your gas company knows a lot about a lot of things. Mostly gas. So of course you can trust them to tell you how to make a sandwich… or can you?

Join Starch and Sunny Jim as the sinister claws of industry stretches the meaning of the words ‘sandwich’, ‘instruction’ and ‘short film’ to the breaking point in: Let’s Make a Sandwich!


  1. Creature SH says:

    Hey, sorry to be that guy, but as of this moment, the wrong video’s inlined. It’s “as the wheels turn” again.

    • Creature SH says:

      Okay, right video now seen. What I’ve enjoyed the most about this one is Starchibald’s deep, personal and unforgiven feeling of betrayal by the fact that these are not exactly sandwiches.

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