Rangoon Riffs: The Haunted Mouth – Guest Starring Obscurus Lupa!

It’s a Halloween miracle as Obscurus Lupa trick-or-treats her way to the Isle of Rangoon and she’s brought a 1970′s Educational Film about dental hygiene with her! Don’t worry about Starchibald and Sunny Jim, they more or less brought this on themselves.

Necco wafers, haunted mansions, proper brushing technique and Caesar Romero await in… THE HAUNTED MOUTH!

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  1. Cat says:

    That… I lack words.
    Yeah I know sort of a lame response but, someone sat under a desk and moved a chair for 20 minutes while the Joker talked about invading teeth.

    And I’m amazed that something with the Joker talking about taking over the domain of someone’s mouth could be so boring.

    Love the costumes again this year, guys. Did Sunny Jim get a paint job, new puppet or altered lighting?

    Happy Halloween, guys!

    -Cat the viewer

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