The Meanwhile of Rangoon (May/June 2014)

Hey folks! Just thought we’d post some updates and previews and news as to what’s going on with the Isle over the next couple months!

Isle of Rangoon at BotCon!
Like last year, June sees us travelling across the country for BotCon, the official Transformers convention in Pasadena CA, June 19~22… and we’ve got a lot going on there! Sunny Jim and Starchibald will be periodically around, so maybe you’ll get in a video.!
We’ll be selling our homegrown but factory-made BMOG toy line there (, including a BotCon exclusive color! We’ll also be showing off in-development future items in the line.
And if you like our riffs, then join Greg and Trent, as well as David “Dumbing of Age” Willis in a two-hour LIVE RIFF of Transformers media on Saturday night! BotCon’s given us the go-ahead to let walk-in attendees witness the insanity that we’ve been doing at this convention since 1997!

Upcoming Rangoon Riffs
While BotCon will take us away from the computers for about two weeks (yes, we’re traveling by ground to transport everything), we have several videos in the works to schedule so there shouldn’t be a notable interruption of releases.
A couple different riffs are approaching done, with technical goofery on our part having delayed the first one a bit. But we’re super-excited about it because we have two amazing guest riffers in this one, fantastic reviewers and hostesses of Lesbian Talk, Diamanda Hagan and The Omega! And yes, there’s some Giovanni Jones and Minions for you all as well!
The second riff sees the return of some old friends, and that’s all we’re saying for now!
And of course, a peppering of Rifflets here and there to keep things spicy.

Ask Old Man Cthulhu
We recently posted a new question-and-answer session with everyone’s favorite cranky abomination from beyond time. However, there were enough questions (and Werther’s Originals) for us to get several installments in before his medications kicked in! So you should be seeing those more often.
And remember, any burning, itching questions you need answers for, you can ask via Tumblr, Facebook, the @IsleOfRangoon Twitter (use the hashtag #AskOMC), email us at, or just reply to the video proper!

Patreon Rewards
We’ll be putting together the Patreon top-tier exclusive Rifflet for May soon, which will be privately linked to the qualifying backers, and will stay private for two months before going public! We’re going to do one of these every month for people backing us at that level.
Also, we’re ironing out the details for this month’s live-chat preview of future riff candidates for people who back at that level. We’re aiming for a Saturday late afternoon/evening towards the end of the month.
Remember, every little bit on Patreon helps us get more videos out there!

The next Rangoon Reviews
…won’t happen til after we get back from BotCon, but we’re barreling ahead on two right now. One was shot extensively at MAGFest 2014, but we’ve had to rekajigger it a bit, but we ARE going to get it out because there’s too much good stuff from too many people not to.
The other is likely a film you’ve never heard of. We hadn’t. But we’re fascinated by this one. It’s just so… so… the embodiment of what it is. You’ll see. Also it guest stars one of our favorite people.

So, there you are! Thanks for reading, thanks for watching!

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