What is the Isle?

We’re glad we pretended that you asked that question!

Somewhere in the South Pacific is the Isle of Rangoon, home to the Rangoons, a race of creatures that come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and psychological idiosyncrasies. After an accidental 40-year blockade by the United States military, the clerical error designating the Isle as a rogue state has finally been lifted!

Now the Rangoons have come to the US to seek their fortune, or at least, their marginally-less-crappy-than-staying-on-the-Isle life. Join Starchibald, Sunny Jim, Old Man Cthulhu, Doctor Why, Argle, Bargle, those others, and the poor human schmucks who end up having to deal with them on their adventures in learning and sarcasm.

Welcome to the Isle of Rangoon!