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Rangoon Rifflets: Holiday Commercial Loaf

Yeah, sorry, we know the holiday advertisement assault actually begins around mid-August.

Enjoy a four-pack of holiday-ish commercials of bygone times, lovingly stuffed full of zesty riffs. For the loved one in your life.

Rangoon Rifflet: The Cautious Twins

Even a good message can be told poorly. Try and tell an important message with ear-bleeding calliope “music”, clunky forced rhyming and animation that makes “Deputy Dawg” look like “Akira”, and you’ve got a disaster even before people get to the horrific world you’re setting up. There’s more creeps on the streets in this short than in “Hobo With A Shotgun”.

So just because “The Cautious Twins” has good advice at its core… really, what the hell, short?