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Rangoon Riffs: A Case For Beer

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, here’s some teeners tryin’ to get drunky.

Sunny Jim and Starchibald stagger through this Seventiestastic bit of training video on keeping beer out of underage kids’ greasy mitts. Good idea? Yes! Cheesy execution? Oh yeah.

Rangoon Riffs: Ricky Raccoon Shows The Way

We heard your cries and demands. You didn’t have enough weird costumed whatevers browbeating kids in your life. So we say “fine, here’s Ricky Raccoon, a Seventiestastic abomination in a fursuit. Happy?”

Enjoy time and space being bent on a whim, huge lapels, and possibly the dumbest kid we’ve ever seen -and may ever see- in one of these shorts.

Rangoon Riffs: Don’t Touch!

We’re back in the groove with this funky little short from the ’70s! And by “funky” we mean “it stinks”. Learn all about the dangers of spontaneous combustibles generation and tragic hairstyles in “Don’t Touch!”