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Rangoon Rifflets: Mood of San Francisco

This little ditty is the next best thing to actually visiting San Francisco!…if you were somehow able to time-travel about 50 years into the past. And if you could do that, why would you just meander around San Francisco? With that kind of power, think of all you could accomplish? Why are you so small-minded? You disgust us.

… oh yeah, enjoy this Rifflet.

Rangoon Rifflets: Rural Civil Defense Shorts 2

Let’s revisit the bygone days of yore when the American government callously stoked the flames of fear of a foreign power striking a deadly blow to the heartland of America in order to keep the US population scared and compliant with whatever draconian measures and rampant military overspending they could think of.

…oh. Uh…

If you missed part one, it’s right here!

Rangoon Rifflets: Round and Round

Meet Mr. Barnes. He puts the casual in casual sexism.
Meet Betty. She puts the aggressive in passive-aggressive.
Meet Joan. She has no idea what she’s stepped into and neither do you.

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