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Rangoon Reviews: Transformers See & Read Botcon Special

It seems Derrick took the ruining of his childhood memories somewhat personally last time and he’s out for revenge, but how can a video no one in the room has ever seen ruin anything?

Tune in to witness the diabolical plan of an animator gone mad… as well as a 1980s Transformers Video-Storybook where Mumm-Ra fills in for Megatron.

That was one strange vacation.

Rangoofs: Botcon 2012 – Goofs, Outtakes and Behind the Scenes

Remember the halcyon days of a few months ago? When we did that silly thing with Vangelus and Derrick Wyatt? Well, here’s some more of that, only mostly it’s us screwing up, yattering on, and laughing like goons.

Plus bonus random footage from the floor of BotCon 2012!