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Rangoon Riffs: Habit Patterns

We’re back with a short film that’s the social-conformity equivalent of those old Mr. Bill shorts, with a hapless blonde being endlessly tormented by a mean-spirited yet sickeningly chipper narrator.

Cameo: Diamanda Hagan’s “Equestria Girls” Review!

Starch and Jim pop up in God-Empress Diamanda Hagan’s latest, a look at the “controversial” (we think?) My Little Pony spinoff Equestria Girls! Ponies, ponies, ponies.

Rangoon Reviews: Christmas is Here Again (Part 1)

How is it the Christmas movie that tries to be inoffensive actually comes across worse than Elf Bowling? Our Christmas gift to you all is this overstuffed dumpling of a movie so full of writing sins and plot holes, we gotta tackle it in two parts!

Can Christmas be brought back? And if this is the Christmas we’re supposed to get, do we really want to? Join Sunny Jim, Starchibald, and some special-type guests and find the hell out!

Congrats to Diamanda Hagan & The Omega Geek!

We just want to give our best to Diamanda Hagan and The Omega Geek, who done went and got married in Washington DC. Congrats you two, and here’s to many more years of you scaring the crap out of us, together.