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Rangoon Rifflets: Censorship: A Question of Judgment?

Let’s go back to a time when “censorship” DIDN’T mean “a game maker voluntarily removes point-four seconds of a butt-shot of a female character” or “you won’t let me spew whatever hateful brain-diarrhea I want all over your privately-owned web forum”.

Rangoon Riffs: A Case For Beer

Ashes to ashes, funk to funky, here’s some teeners tryin’ to get drunky.

Sunny Jim and Starchibald stagger through this Seventiestastic bit of training video on keeping beer out of underage kids’ greasy mitts. Good idea? Yes! Cheesy execution? Oh yeah.

Rangoon Riffs: What Makes A Good Party?

Coronet is gonna teach us how to party.

CORONET. Is going to teach us. How to party.

Oh yeah. THIS oughtta be good for a laugh.

Rangoon Riffs: Meeting the Public

Do you work with the public? Do you find it stressful when people yell, demand, and overall be jerks at you? Well, did you know that it’s all YOUR fault? Now that you know it’s solely YOU that causes people to be nasty, don’t you feel better?

No? Hmm. Well, that’s the theme of this short film from Encyclopedia Britannica, so uh… sorry.

Rangoon Riffs: Speech: The Function of Gestures

No, your speech didn’t fail because your subject matter was a dull plod with no salient point whatsoever. It was because you weren’t using those fleshy tubes attached to the upper part of your core! Whaddaya call those… arms! That’s right, arms! Yeah, swing those around and people will swallow every piece of drivel you blurp out!

Sunny Jim and Starch bear witness to another short film from the Speech series, which brought us the beloved Lip And Tongue Action, and who could forget The Knee Test?

Other things happen too. You’ll see.