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Rangoon Rifflets: The Killer Whale

Squeak and Scratch are off on a decidedly less madcap adventure this time, out to stop the frog-folk of Aqualand from becoming dinner! (aka: disrupting the delicate balance of nature.)

Rangoon Rifflets: Vision in the Forest

Rangoon Rifflets: Vision in the Forest by TheIsleofRangoon

Join RCA spokesvoice Vaughn Monroe and his family in the deep woods, which are littered with Smokey the Bear signage, through which the paranormal phenomenon of Smokey can manifest! Also, there’s a pretty good -if inexplicable- short performance of “Ghost Riders In the Sky”.

Mash out those cigarettes and join Starchibald and Sunny Jim for some musical meandering!

Rangoon Rifflets: The Bright Young Newcomer

Meet Mr. Barnes. He puts the casual in casual sexism.
Meet Betty. She puts the aggressive in passive-aggressive.
Meet Joan. She has no idea what she’s stepped into and neither do you.

Learn how difficult managing an office can be when you staunchly refuse to manage an office in “The Bright Young Newcomer”!

Ask Old Man Cthulhu: The Green Party

Old Man Cthulhu is back and he’s got big questions to answer about his past, the nature of existence, human health and Godzilla’s presidential prospects.

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Rangoon Reviews: Mega Piranha!

Travel back with us when giant killer fish didn’t need a tornado to get to their prey.

Starchibald and Sunny Jim bite into the Asylum classic: Mega Piranha! An 80′s pop star, a sentient slab of porkroast, genetic engineering and a horde of angry CGI fish collide in an adventure that bends time and space!