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Zeus drops in on Heavy Metal 2000 review!

The Zeus pops up to deliver the deus ex machina to The Rosen Hacker, The Hardcore Kid and The Happy Viking in their the three-man review of the Heavy Metal 2000 from the MAGFest!

PunkyVal’s “HUGFest” shines light on Jim / Linkara encounter!

We’ve remarked on this, but no-one had come forward with footage… but now PunkyVal’s MAGFest retrospective video “HUGFest” comes through! Among the many many wonderful hugs we see Sunny Jim and Linkara have some manly hug-time.

Take note of the music, too. Clever.

(Jim, we can’t take you anywhere.)

Zeus in “Deus Ex Magfest!”

Zeus wandered off on his own at Magfest 2013 and the results are about what you’d expect. Don’t worry folks, he deserved every second of it.

Featuring a ton of guest stars!

Rangoon Reports: OanCitizen!

Sunny Jim managed to corner the wily and wise Kyle “OanCitizen” Kallgren, host of “Brows Held High“, at MAGFEst 2013. What brilliant insights lie within? Let’s find out!