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Sneak Peak from the Transformers: Combiner Wars Finale!

Minor Spoilers.

One Odd Product You Won’t Believe You’ll Need!

Having trouble communicating?

Rangoon Rifflet: Man of Steel Trailer!

Rangoon Rifflets are tender, juicy, bite-sized morsels of film, smothered in our tangy, zesty riffing sauce served up hot and fresh! Listen in as Sunny Jim and Starch give the latest in a long line of Superman reboot trailers a run for its money.

Personally, we don’t know how we’re supposed to root for the Man of Steel if he isn’t a deadbeat dad.

Rangoon Riffs: Consuming Women

Rangoon Riffs: Consuming Women by TheIsleofRangoon

What can you say about a woman? Starchibald and Sunny Jim find out the answer is “everything and yet nothing at all” as their fiendish nemesis sends them yet another bizarre short! Brace for vague impact and stand by for confusion as the Rangoons face off against Consuming Women (Women as Consumers)!

Your guess is as good as ours, folks.

UTT: Greg Tries Nestle/Girl Scout Cookies

Greg pulls out the girl scout cookies for a quick review that is in no way meant to distract you from the delay in release of the upcoming review series.