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Rangoon Reviews: Christmas is Here Again (Part 2)

This is still going on? Apparently so! Join the Isle of Rangoon Christmas special already in progress and learn who really stole Christmas, who is really telling this story and who is stuck listening and doesn’t care! Featuring a stocking-load of guest stars and more Christmas cheer than you can shake an oak tree at!

Featuring multiple cameos, a special surprise guest and a brand new Rangoon!

Rangoon Reviews: Christmas is Here Again (Part 1)

How is it the Christmas movie that tries to be inoffensive actually comes across worse than Elf Bowling? Our Christmas gift to you all is this overstuffed dumpling of a movie so full of writing sins and plot holes, we gotta tackle it in two parts!

Can Christmas be brought back? And if this is the Christmas we’re supposed to get, do we really want to? Join Sunny Jim, Starchibald, and some special-type guests and find the hell out!

Rangoon Riffs: Adventure in Telezonia

Rangoon Riffs: Consuming Women by TheIsleofRangoon

Sunny Jim and Starch face the return of the Mysterious Malefactor!

After months of slacking, the Malefactor is back and he has a disturbing marionette-filled short all about the joys and miseries of telephone operation for the Rangoons. He’s out to make up for lost time but an even more powerful force has its claws in his would-be victims: Starbound!*

Take a trip to the distant past, when telephones had dials, busy signals and sufficient mass to fell a mature bison with a single blow in… Adventure in Telezonia!

*This video also doubles as a review of the Starbound Beta.

Master puppet-guy Gerry Anderson, RIP.


Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, and many other puppet-based TV shows, including our recently-beloved Torchy the Battery Boy, has died at age 83.

Rangoon Reviews: Pinocchio 3000

Rangoon Reviews: Pinocchio 3000k by TheIsleofRangoon

Disney, Benigni and Drew Carey… they all did better than this stinkburger. Torchy may have been banished back to the netherworld of children’s entertainment but the granddaddy of all robotic puppet boys is here.

Starchibald and Sunny Jim face off against Pinocchio 3000, a hellacious disaster of a morality play “starring” Whoopie Goldberg, Malcolm McDowell and Howie Mandel.

Enjoy. We didn’t.