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Torchy the Battery Boy Commentary!

Under The Table: Torchy the Battery Boy Commentary by TheIsleofRangoon

A commentary on top of a riff? It’s like a satire turducken! Join Trent and Greg as they discuss the harrowing creation that is Torchy the Battery Boy!

With bonus effects and blooper footage!

Rangoon Riffs: Ways to Settle Disputes

Rangoon Riffs: Ways of Settling Disputes by TheIsleofRangoon

According to top scienticians, approximately 46 million arguments flare up on the Internet every day-cycle. Perhaps if more people watched this short film from the 50’s, Ways to Settle Disputes, there’d be less online strife.

Or not. Doesn’t seem to do Starchibald and Sunny Jim any good. But join in for Rangoon riffing anyway!

Manners, Democracy & Explosions: The Isle of Rangoon has it all!