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Master puppet-guy Gerry Anderson, RIP.


Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, and many other puppet-based TV shows, including our recently-beloved Torchy the Battery Boy, has died at age 83.

Rangoon Riffs: Halloween Party

Rangoon Riffs: Halloween Party by TheIsleofRangoon

For those of you slackasses still trying to figure out your costume for Halloween, why not take a little advice from this short film by Encyclopedia Britannica, because when you think “fun”, you think Encyclopedia Britannica! Sunny Jim and Starch have things to say about it too.

Rangoon Riffs: Torchy the Battery Boy Ep 1

What’s this? have Sunny Jim and Starchibald met their match? Have they come across an insidious force that riffing cannot expunge? What the hell IS a Bumblebdrop?

Find out as Starchibald and Sunny Jim face… Torchy the Battery Boy!