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Rangoon Rifflet Double Feature!

Due to an accident of fate, and an accident of people, we have two rifflets for you, mostly hitting all at once!

Rangoon Rifflets: Famous Batteries

If there’s one thing we know our audience absolutely loves, it’s an old guy rambling on about long-dead sportsball players. So here it is.

You’re welcome.

Rangoon Rifflets: Pan

By Patreon request!

Surely a classic series of stories such as Peter Pan NEEDS to have its origins strewn out across the table like so many chicken entrails, right? We absolutely must know the origin of this classic character! » Read more..

Rangoon Rifflet: Pacific Rim Trailer!

Geeks of all stripes are lining up. Disbelief is being suspended. And Hedorah has filed an anti-defamation suit with the ACLU… Pacific Rim is coming and we’ve got the monster and lizard-like-thing perspective on the trailer!

Rangoon Rifflet: Man of Steel Trailer!

Rangoon Rifflets are tender, juicy, bite-sized morsels of film, smothered in our tangy, zesty riffing sauce served up hot and fresh! Listen in as Sunny Jim and Starch give the latest in a long line of Superman reboot trailers a run for its money.

Personally, we don’t know how we’re supposed to root for the Man of Steel if he isn’t a deadbeat dad.