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Sneak Peak from the Transformers: Combiner Wars Finale!

Minor Spoilers.

The Rangoons Crossover with GPC for The Transformers: The Movie

We step in to help Scott, who is dead for various reasons, on his quest to return to the land of the living while simultaneously tackling the ’80s animated classic The Transformers: The Movie!

For a show that was literally a serialized toy commercial, the movie took the franchise to a new realm where all bets are off. This may yet save Scott’s hide, and even if not, you’ll learn fun new marketing terms and see robots dismember each other for fun and profit. Mostly profit.

So come join Starch, Jim, extra special guest DJ SoundBite and Scott as we transform this one in every way possible!

Rangoon Reviews: Transformers See & Read Botcon Special

It seems Derrick took the ruining of his childhood memories somewhat personally last time and he’s out for revenge, but how can a video no one in the room has ever seen ruin anything?

Tune in to witness the diabolical plan of an animator gone mad… as well as a 1980s Transformers Video-Storybook where Mumm-Ra fills in for Megatron.

That was one strange vacation.

Isle of Rangoon Live: Botcon 2012

Twin trolls Argle and Bargle set out from the internet to torment the good people of the MSTF panel at Botcon 2012, with Shortpacked! author David Willis trapped in the middle.

Get ready for Opinions! at the first ever live Isle of Rangoon performance!